Ranvier @ranvier.villamil

Founders Bio: Ranvier is a Chicago Freelance makeup artist that wanted to create an accessible beauty line for all that were easy to use for all skill levels and beauty lovers out there while having a purpose. Ranvier wanted to make sure that as a small business he wanted to contribute back to his community whether it is local or global. He believed that everyone deserves to glow and made sure that with every purchase should have a purpose.

About the Company: Ranvier became frustrated when he could not find any products that were accessible for all. One day, he started to sketch out ideas for his own makeup line. He wanted to create products that were missing in the beauty industry. In addition, his goal was to create a new movement where the consumer can feel connected when making a purchase, which is why we donate a portion of our profit every month to a non-profit organization.

T-Tee Towels @tteetowels

Founder’s Bio: Tiffiny Julian is founder and CEO of T-Tee Towels since 2017. Tiffiny has a background in fashion as a technical designer and custom clothier. At the heart of her purpose is healthy lifestyle habits and caring for nature.

About the Company: The idea of T-Tee Towels began after many years of using a t-shirt to dry my hair; for the benefit of causing less breakage by not over drying the hair or catching my curly hair in the loops of a traditional terry cloth towel. One day I saw it hanging in the bathroom and thought to myself, “someone has to be making towels out of t-shirt fabric.” Nobody was, so I did. T-Tee Towels are a microfiber blend, comes in two sizes and can be used in multiple ways.

The Little Book of Life Skills @erinzruddy

Founder’s Bio: Erin Zammett Ruddy is the author of The Little Book of Life Skills published by Grand Central Publishing. She is a contributing editor at Parents and writes frequently for many major magazines. For 10 years she was a lifestyle editor at GLAMOUR, where she wrote the award-winning Life With Cancer column. She lives on Long Island with her husband and three children. Follow her on Instagram @erinzruddy


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