Do you love your Beachwaver and Beachwaver Co. products? Are you looking for a way to make money while working from home? Now is the perfect time to join the Wave—the Beachwaver Co.’s ambassador program!

The Wave is a community of hairdressers, nurses, writers, moms, fitness gurus, real estate brokers, and so many others who have one thing in common..they love the Beachwaver. Sound like you? Apply here! Once you join the Wave, you’ll:

And now through April 12, we are increasing commission to 25% for all Wave members! Plus, if you sign up, you’ll get the entire Reparative Kit for FREE (normally $114).

So apply today, then share this with a hairdresser, server, bartender, artist or anyone else who might need it right now. Let’s all take care of each other! <3

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