Thank you to all the inspiring moms for sharing their beauty advice below.
We love you! 

“Invest in your haircare the way you should your skincare — it’s your absolute BEST accessory for every decade. Treat her well and she’ll stick with you. Switch up your shampoo & conditioner at least every other season – I use Reparative in the colder months when I need major hydration, and Good Vibes in the warmer months when I want to smell like the beach and keep frizz at bay. Your hair can get immune to the same shampoo & conditioner, so switch it up, but always use sulfate & phosphate free – that’s non-negotiable!”
– @thenikkicagle

“My mom always taught me to look my best! I grew up hearing
‘when you look good, you feel good!’ That has always resonated with me!”

– @chip0ltay

“You know all the things you want for your kids to be healthy…?
Sleep, and water, and veggies, and laughter…and sometimes Chocolate!
Yeah…MAMA…those are good for you, too.
Great for you, your health, AND your beauty! Enjoy!”

– @elanbuendia

“The best beauty advice my mom gave me was to stop touching my face.
My beauty advice to my own daughter is that happiness and
confidence are the keys to beauty (and big lashes).”

– @foxandtrove

“If you’re aiming to be beautiful on the outside,
you’ll never succeed if you don’t have a matching heart.”

– @katelyn.hendricksonn

“My mom would lay on the bed and hang her hair over the
edge to braid her hair! It helped her arms from getting tired
and her braids were always perfect!”
– @hairbyalex29

“No amount of makeup can hide unhappiness, so make
sure you never forget to put on your healthy attitude!

– @sarahcamden

“Wash your face every night, and use moisturizer (and don’t forget your neck/chest!). You really get what you pay for when it comes to beauty products and services. Don’t be cheap; it will end up costing you way more for someone else to fix it!”
– @jessfaceforward

““Never use soap to wash your face and always use moisturizer,
so your skin on your face doesn’t dry out!

– @caterina_morgera:

“I have three.  Moisturize.  Moisturize.  Moisturize.
And don’t forget your neck and décolletage.

– @robynburnison

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