Last fall, The Beachwaver Co. launched our new college ambassador program, the Campus Wave! Each month, campus reps get a box full of Beachwaver goodies to help spread the word about The Beachwaver Co. on their campuses!

Below, meet Paulina Sanchez who is studying at Joliet Junior Community College in Joliet, IL.

What is/are your favorite Beachwaver product(s)?
My favorite Beachwaver Co. products are the Coast Pro Ceramic and Beachwaver S1. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and the Coast Pro is by far my favorite straightener I’ve ever used. The Beachwaver S1 gives me the wavy curls that other curling irons can’t, plus it is so easy!

What is your favorite part of being a member of Beachwaver’s Campus Wave?
First off let me say, I was already a huge fan of Beachwaver. For a girl who loves to do hair, the Beachwaver was a perfect tool for all my hair creations. When I saw the Beachwaver was going to have a Campus Wave program, I knew I had to jump on this opportunity. I knew I would be a great ambassador of these products, and get other people to love these products as much as I do!

What do you expect to be doing 10 years from now?
In 10 years from now, I see myself being a teacher, and in the summer time, I would like to be a hairstylist.

What is an obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you get through?
The obstacle I have faced recently due to this pandemic is having to transition from in-class learning to online classes. I am more of a hands-on person when it comes to learning. I have had to adapt and teach myself how to manage an online format.

What is your life motto?
My life motto is GOOD VIBES only!

How do you define success?
I define success by being content with myself, and knowing I did everything in my power to ensure my personal growth.

What’s the craziest hair trend you ever rocked?
I recently tried a TikTok trend for no heat curls. I used the Braid Balm and twisted my hair with a robe belt. My hair ended up coming out super curly, and I rocked it!

If you’re interested in joining the Campus Wave, follow @thebeachwaver on Instagram, and check back this summer to apply for fall 2020!

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