In September, The Beachwaver Co. launched our new college ambassador program Campus Wave! Each month, campus reps get a box full of Beachwaver goodies to help spread the word about The Beachwaver Co. on their campuses!

Below, meet Kristal Mendoza, a nursing student at Thomas Jefferson University in Center City Philadelphia!

What are your favorite Beachwaver products?
I love the Beachwaver S1.25 and the Great Barrier Heat Protectant Spray!

What is your favorite part of being a member of Beachwaver’s Campus Wave?
Connecting with girls from all over and introducing my friends to some of my favorite products!

What do you expect to be doing 10 years from now?
In 10 years, I hope to be a practicing midwife! Once I finish nursing school and work for a couple of years, I’ll be starting the midwifery program here at TJU.

What is an obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you get through it?
Working 40+ hours a week and being a full-time student. It was a really difficult time period, but I managed my time well and had to prioritize certain things to make sure I met my goals. Sometimes that meant missing out on fun things.

What is your life motto?
Just do it. Seriously though, it’s what made me quit my full-time job and go back to school to do something that makes me happy!

How do you define success?
Doing something you love and getting paid for it!

What’s the craziest hair trend you ever rocked?
The Snooki poof circa 2010.

If you’re interested in joining Campus Wave, we are now accepting applications through 12/15 for Spring 2020 semester! Apply here.

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