Campus Wave ambassador Madison Lingenfelter, shares how this year has been far from traditional as a college student.

Hour-long dining hall waits, no guests allowed in dorm rooms, no event fairs, no campus tabling, and social interaction is extremely limited. In just one week, the one thing everybody on campus is looking forward to begins for the year – college football.

Here at the University of Georgia, college football is considered a lifestyle. Since I was a little girl, I have been a Georgia fan, watching games every Saturday through the fall. College football games are the highlight of my years here at UGA, and luckily, after much debate, the season is continuing this year.

The season is looking a bit different this year, though. The student section and stadium are limited to 20% capacity. Because of this, many students, including myself, are throwing “homegates” – watch parties at our apartments with all of our friends! To get ready for my home party, I used my Beachwaver B1 Pink Sunset. It gives me effortless curls that always receive compliments. Although we are home, my friends and I have decided to dress up for game days, as we don’t have very many events to dress up for anymore. At my home, I set up our living room coffee table with extra Beachwaver goodies to help brighten the day!

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