It’s [almost] here – the most wonderful time of the year! Regardless of when you are beginning your holiday shopping, it is always the most wonderful time of the year to get Beachwaver Co. gifts for under $25! Campus Wave ambassador Sydney Isseks shares her picks!

  1. Power Paddle Pro Brush

    This brush is a gift anyone can use! With its massage balled tips, detangle your hair with ease! This brush is only $25… what a steal! It can be used in or out of shower to create smooth hair to prep for styling, or even just to wear as is.
  2. Shubie Surf Beach Spray

    Do you ever want that beachwaved look but do not have the time to style it that way? If so, the Shubie Surf Beach Spray is the perfect gift! This beach spray gives your hair the all the “beachwaved” texture without any of the dryness, as it is infused with coconut oil and sea kelp. The best part about this amazing wavy hair in a bottle is that it is only $18!
  3. Braid Balm

    I don’t know about you, but I know that I always struggle with smooth hair before beginning a braid. Well, struggle no more with Beachwaver’s Braid Balm! This foam prep helps to strengthen hair and allow anyone to create smooth braids. This is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to up their braid game (do not forget to check out Sarah Potempa’s amazing braid techniques). To top it all off, this product is only $24!
  4. Make Waves Bracelet

    Want to give a gift that inspires during this holiday season? The ‘Make Waves Bracelet’ is a great gift to do that! The words “make waves” engraved on the bracelet provide a double meaning. For one, it represents the Beachwaver brand. In addition, the wording on the bracelet encourages one to stand out, push boundaries, and make a difference. This $20 gift is cute and inspirational… what can be better?
  5. Beachwaver Pom Beanie Hat

    This next product provides summer nostalgia and protection from the chilled winter days. The Beachwaver Pom Beanie is bright and fun therefore encompassing the Beachwaver brand’s essence and also provides warmth and softness to protect your head from the cooler climate. A stylish and comfortable item all for $24!

The Beachwaver Co. has a variety of gifts perfect for shopping during this holiday season while on a budget. Give the gift of style this holiday season with these amazing products, all for under $25!

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