By Campus Wave Ambassador Bri Iannelli.

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! Yes, we know the celebrations will be different. That doesn’t mean we don’t do what we look forward to most – getting ready! I may or may not put sweats on right after I take pictures with my immediate family, but at least I’ll still have makeup on and pretty hair to make up for it!

For this holiday hair how-to, I’ll be using the Beachwaver Co. Good Vibes Shampoo and Conditioner, Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray, the On Set Pro Brush, and the Beachwaver S.75 iron. What’s the perfect hairstyle for the holidays?! Glam waves.

Step One: When I am getting ready for an occasion, I start off with a clean slate: I shower and wash my hair–the whole nine yards. The Good Vibes Shampoo and Conditioner, in my opinion, is a really great shampoo and conditioner set for normal care. The shampoo has coconut milk in it, while the conditioner has coconut oil; it’s extremely hydrating and moisturizing. While my hair is damp, I part it down the middle. Afterward, I rough dry my hair. Sometimes curling your hair while it’s a little dirty makes the curls last longer. So, if your hair has some trouble holding a curl, I suggest skipping a wash.

Step Two: Before I curl, I use the Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray. According to an article on Forbes, it’s important to use heat protectant products. Great Barrier is a flexible hairspray, so my hair feels soft rather than sticky.

Step Three: Using the Beachwaver S.75, I curl a section of hair horizontally. The barrel should be rotating the hair under. When you release it, let the curl fall into your hand and cool before dropping it. You could clip the curl to your head and let it cool; but the S.75 makes it easier to achieve the glam look without clips.

Step Four: Once I’ve curled my whole head, I take the On Set Pro Brush and spray the heat protectant hairspray on it. I carefully brush out the curls to get the glam look!

Beachwaver curling irons are best known to create loose beachy waves. On the other hand, you could also create glam waves like this, as well as beachy curls! Glam waves are fairly easy and perfect for the holidays!

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