In 2020, we’re all about intricate-looking styles that are actually SUPER simple. Take this braided bandana bun, for example. Created simply by weaving a head scarf into a three-strand braid and rolling it into a bun, this genius updo is sure to turn heads. Get the how-to below!

1. Section out two pieces of hair, and bring them to the front. Secure the back section into a ponytail with an elastic, then tuck the end of your bandana into the elastic.

2. Create a three-strand braid, using the bandana as one of the three strands. Continue braiding all the way down, then secure with an elastic, and pancake the braid to add volume.

3. With the two front pieces, create a rope braid (split into two pieces, twist the pieces in opposite directions then wrap them around each other) on each side. Using a Wrap Up, roll the middle braid upward, then bend the ends of the Wrap Up downward. Secure any loose pieces with bobby pins.

4. Take the two rope braids, cross them over the top of the bun, then wrap under the bun and back over. Secure with bobby pins. Beachwave any face-framing pieces with the Beachwaver S1.

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