Too busy holiday shopping, decorating, and party prepping to think about your holiday hair styles? We got you. Below, find all the inspo you need—from simple, three-strand braids to expert-level plaits—to be #holidayhairgoals this year! Then, pick up your Braid Balm and get practicing!

We love how easily you can take this style from day to night by adding a chic hair cuff! To recreate at home, start by
Beachwaving with the S1.25, then make a Dutch side braid, switching to a fishtail near the ends. Add the cuff between the braids!

Perfect for winter weddings, this Boho half-up was created with a French twist and a one-sided French braid on each side, then pancaked to perfection. Don’t forget to prep with a smaller Beachwaver barrel + Shubie Surf Beach Spray for tons of texture!

These aren’t your average third grade pigtails! Mastering Dutch infinity braids takes practice, but they’re SO worth it! Add some bling with Beachwaver hair cuffs and Beachwave the pigtails with the S1 to elevate the look even more.

Simple French twists, three-strand braids and hair cuffs make this seemingly-intricate braided ‘do a breeze to recreate!

A fishtail mohawk braid combined with a Dutch accent braid make this style equally sophisticated and badass. Make sure to prep the braids with Braid Balm Pre-Braid Prep so they stay frizz-free all day. Finish by Beachwaving the pony with a Beachwaver S1.

This one’s a no-brainer. Simply gather hair into a half ponytail, then make a three-strand braid and secure with a clear elastic. Twist the braid into a bun shape, and pin in place! Add waves with the Beachwaver S1.

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