New year, same you…but with BANGS!

1. Part Ways with Your Old Part
Not only does switching up where you part your hair give you a whole new look, it might actually make your hair healthier! Flipping your part allows your dominant side to take a break from your normal styling routine. 

Try a center part for a retro look (the ’70s are back, baby!)Or part to one side so for a fuller, voluminous style!  


2. Set the Tone
Semi-permanent haircolor is a great way to get a feel for a new look without fully committing to it. One of our favorite temporary dyes is Overtone. Their Coloring Conditioners work great on light or dark shades, giving you a dramatic or subtle pop of color. Use the Coloring Conditioner weekly, or any time your hair color needs a refresh!

If you have platinum highlights or lighter blonde, get experimental with pastel pink, purple or soft blue. Darker tones work well with a mulled wine red or purple! 

3. Switch Up your Barrel Size
Is a soft, voluminous wave your daily look? Freshen things up by trying a tighter curl with the Beachwaver S.75. Always rock a natural curl? Try blow-drying first, then get a smoother look with the Beachwaver S1.25.

4. Test the Waters with Layered Bangs
Thinking about trying bangs? Longer, sweeping fringe can be styled as a classic bang or parted to the side and styled as a longer layer. This length is perfect to elongate the face and will grow out in just a few weeks! 

5. Transition Into Longer Locks!
Already tired of your short bob or lob? It may be time to switch it up with clip-in, tape-in or sew-in extensions. Extensions are a fun way to instantly add length (or volume if you have fine hair) and give you more versatility in your styling routine. The next time you’re at the salon, ask your stylist for deets, and you could be on your way to a serious #extensiontransformation!

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