Finding yourself with some extra time on your hands at home this week? Here are some ways to stay busy, healthy and sane during your self quarantine.

1. Get Ready Every Day
Even if it’s just to sit in your living room in front of your computer. Taking the time to practice self care each morning goes a long way. That means get dressed, do your skincare routine, and, yes, throw some Beachwaves in your hair! Bonus points if you show yourself some extra love with a treatment (have you tried our Reparative Kit?). Never underestimate the power of self love!

2. Learn a New Skill
Whatever you do, don’t use this time solely for catching up on “Love is Blind.” In between eps, practice a new skill—sign up for an online fitness class, try out a new recipe, learn to braid (try a waterfall braid, boxed fishtail or infinity braid!) You’ll still have time to binge your favorite Netflix shows, but you’ll feel less guilty doing it.

3. Keep a Similar Schedule
It’ll be tempting to sleep in every day and hang out in your PJs, but try to maintain your normal schedule as much as possible. For you, this could mean making sure to take your morning jog, make yourself a cup of coffee, or read a book during your lunch break. Find your daily rituals, and stick to ‘em!

4. Stay Connected
There’s a good chance you may feel lonely at times during the next few weeks. Get in front of that loneliness by…

  1. having a Skype dinner or drinks date with your friends. A lot of the time, hanging out with people involves eating and drinking. Simulate your real-life interactions as much as possible by actually sitting down with a glass of wine or a snack and chatting it up!
  2. using this opportunity to call up a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Who said quarantines don’t bring people together?
  3. tuning into some Instagram and Facebook Lives (hello, @thebeachwaver!). Monitor some of your favorite brands, and jump into the conversation when they go Live! Introduce yourself, ask questions and provide feedback. You’ll feel like you’re part of a community!

Want more tutorials? Check out our YouTube channel for tons of tips and tutorials, like this Dutch braided bun, five-strand braid, peekaboo braids + waves, and half up top knot!

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