At The Beachwaver Co., we <3 Mother Earth, and we’re always looking for ways to make our products, our office and our mission more environmentally-friendly!

We know that the small, environmentally-conscious actions we take every day make a big difference—from the recycling bins around our office to using “green” plastics for our hair care bottles.

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to reduce our impact on the planet!

We Use Green Plastics
When sourcing bottles for our Braid Balm Pre-Braid Prep and Shubie Surf Beach Spray, we used plastic bottles made from sugarcane biopolymers instead of fossil fuel.

Our green plastic is sourced from a sustainable plot of land in Brazil, and it’s produced from sugarcane—a renewable, raw material—rather than oil or natural gas.

The ethanol used to make the green plastic also captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the rehabilitation of degraded pasture land, resulting in a negative carbon footprint.

You can learn more about our green plastics here!

Our Containers are Curbside Recyclable
Every container used for Beachwaver hair care is curbside recyclable. From our shampoo and conditioner containers, to our spray bottles, to our aerosol cans!

Not sure how to recycle your hair care containers? Here are some pointers!  

  1. Empty and clean your bottles and cans.
  2. Separate any sprayers and caps.
  3. Recycle as normal at the curb!

We Use Bottles and Cans Made from Recycled Materials
All the products in our hair care collections are packaged in bottles crafted from sustainable sugar cane resin whenever possible.

Our aerosol cans are made of high-quality aluminum, which, in its recycled form, is valuable for the production of beverage cans!

We Adopt Beaches!
Because the Beachwaver Co. was founded in Illinois, we love to partner with the Alliance for the Great Lakes to help clean up beaches on Lake Michigan! Read about how we “adopted” Waukegan Municipal Beach earlier this year!

We Recycle Our Irons
At the Beachwaver Co., we want all our “perfectly imperfect” Beachwavers (irons that are cosmetically imperfect but good as new) to go to good homes—not landfills! So when a Beachwaver box is opened and returned (for demos, samples or photoshoots), we hand-inspect each tool, re-package them in storage pouches (instead of using new boxes!) and sell them to you at a discounted price! It’s a win for all of us.

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