Even if St. Patrick’s Day 2020 isn’t panning out exactly the way you planned, you can still find ways to celebrate. Cook some traditional Irish cuisine at home, revisit the Luck of the Irish on Disney+ or practice some festive, Irish-inspired hair styles!

Ready to make the most of your solo St. Patrick’s Day? We rounded up our favorite Irish-inspired looks below—all created using Beachwaver Co. products!

1. Topsy Tail Pony

Start with Beachwaved hair (we used the S1) and a half ponytail. Create an opening in the middle of the ponytail, and flip the end through (creating a topsy tail). Pancake for extra texture. Create a second ponytail right beneath the first, and repeat these steps until you’ve made five or six ponies. Tie a fun  bandana or scarf at the end!

2. Celtic Knot Braid

OK so this one might require a visual. Watch how it’s done below! Make sure to finish by Beachwaving with your iron of choice!


3. Waterfall Lace Braid

Start by creating a waterfall braid on each side. Once you reach the back of the head, finish with a three-strand braid. Use green ribbon to secure the braids together (the same way you would lace a shoe!) and finish by Beachwaving with the S1.25!

4. Celtic Knot Headband

With a headband-shaped section in the front, begin tying a half knot (like the first step of tying your shoe). Do this three times, then take the strands of the first half knot, pull them under the next two, and create another half knot. Continue this pattern (bringing each half knot section under the next two). When you reach the ear, finish with a three-strand braid, and pin in place.

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