Just because work or class has now gone virtual doesn’t mean that your cool hairstyles need to be theoretical! There are ways to easily do your hair in order to look cute while taking zero effort to complete. Campus Wave ambassador Sydney Isseks shares three ways to create easy and cute hairstyles in a zoom!

 Not Your Average Ponytail

Most people know how to throw their hair up in a ponytail, but it is mainly associated with hiding greasy hair or a functional style for exercise purposes. News flash, it doesn’t have to be!

 To start, brush out your hair with the Beachwaver Co. Prep Brush so it appears smooth. Then start to gather the hair together towards the top of your head. Personally, I like to flip my head over so all of my hair hangs down so it becomes easier to grab and smooth out when clumped together. In order to give your face more of a shape and show off those cheekbones, I recommend tightening the ponytail from the front and back rather than the two sides. This technique allows for an increase in hair volume. You can then pull the front two pieces of your hair out to complete this easy yet stylish hairstyle.

 Messy (yet Classy!) Bun

When people think about wearing their hair in a bun, they may think of ballerinas, however, this edgy take on the traditional bun can be done in a snap! You want to start this style the same way you would a ponytail by gathering all the towards the top of your hair and smoothing the top. When pulling your hair through a Beachwaver Co. Silk Scrunchie (as you would do when making a ponytail), you do not want to pull it all the way through. Instead, at the end of the hair, you want to twist the scrunchie to go around this rounded section of hair. You then want to form a mountain of hair at the top of your head and continue to wrap the scrunchie around until tight and secure. Similarly, if you want to elevate this look a little bit you can pull out the front pieces of hair to frame your face. This is an easy and effortless look perfect for Zoom!

 Half Up, Half Do(w)ne

Ever wake up and your hair is slightly greasy on top but the bottom has effortless body and volume? If so, this next style is perfect for you! The half-up, half-down look is easy to do as it combines some of the steps from making a ponytail or messy bun with a simple down look. The first step is to add Second Chance Dry Shampoo to the roots to freshen up strands and create more volume. Then, part the top section of your hair. Personally, I like to part my hair on an angle from my eyebrow arch as I feel it better frames my face. I then clip the bottom section of hair so it is out of the way. Next, you want to smooth the top section and create a mini ponytail. Unclip the bottom section of hair and tighten the ponytail portion of the hair to add volume. Now you have a cute and easy look perfect for Zoom!

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