There’s nothing better than a look that says “this took hours to create,” when really, you did it in five steps or less. Ahead are three styles that say just that—straight from Beachwaver founder and celeb stylist Sarah Potempa! Follow these tutorials, and you’ll be #holidayhairgoals in no time.

Look #1: Glam Waves

1. To add volume to the root, gently tease two to three sections of hair by going in and down only, rather than repeatedly moving the comb up and down.
2. Create a side part; draw a line from the arch of the eyebrow back to create the perfectly placed side part.

3. Curl with the Beachwaver S1, rotating the iron toward your face. On the top layers, hold the iron horizontal and lift up to create more volume.
4. Allow hair to completely cool so that the curl pattern sets. Spray Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray on a Mini On Set brush; then gently brush hair out.

Look #2: Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Half Up

1. For the perfectly placed half-up pony, draw a line from the back of the ear back on both sides. Gently brush into high ponytail and secure with clear elastic.
2. Tug at ponytail to add volume and texture on top.

3. Beachwave hair in alternate directions.
4. Tie a beautiful bow onto the ponytail for the perfect holiday look!

Look #3: Festive Bun

1. Spray an On Set Pro brush with Great Barrier and brush into a low ponytail, then secure with a hook elastic. Tip: Gently pinch and pull hair at the base to create more texture and volume.
2. Cover the bungee by wrapping a piece of hair around and securing with a hair pin.

3. To create a clean bun, use a Wrap Up—slide the hair in, pinch it closed, and roll it under. Bend the right and left side upward, and pinch into a horseshoe shape. Secure with a couple of hair pins.
4. Tie a ribbon around the base, creating a bow at the top. Tip: for a more dramatic bow, leave the ends of the ribbon out, and clip a Beachwaver Velvet Bow to the top of the bun.

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